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Mounted Drill Team

Posted by Elizabeth Bailor on November 16, 2011 at 4:15 PM

Mounted Drill Team

Saturdays from 10-1pm at the Round Up Pavillion starting December  3rd and running (hopefully) through March 31st.

Each week will consist of  three 1 hour sessions. Each session will  consist of a warm up phase, pattern work suitable to rider and horse abilities and a cool down. Everyone will get a list of Scary Mysterious Terms and Ridiculously Complicated (not really) Pattern Diagrams to learn so that you don’t all crash into each other.  Maximum of 10 riders in a group so people need to let me know who’s coming every week  by Friday night so I can plan the lesson set up the arena etc.

Levels of participation:

Prices are determined by number of sessions you ride in, regardless of whether you ride the same horse or a different one. You can bring more than one horse to ride but you can’t split sessions because it disturbs the other riders and the flow of the lesson. I priced it this way because in order to get on the calendar I have to commit to a monthly schedule so I need to know I’ll have enough people participating to pay for the rental,  insurance, etc.

Level 1 : You may participate in up to 3 sessions per month. $100 per month.  

Level  2: You may participate in up to 5 sessions per month. $125 per month (So if you only have 1 horse and only plan to ride in 1 session a week – this would work for you.)

Level 3: You may participate in up to 8 sessions per month. $180 per month.

Level 4: You may participate  in up to 10 sessions per month.  $ 200 per month . So if you plan on coming every week  and riding for more than 1 session this would probably be your best plan.

Unlimited: You may participate  every session and bring multiple horses to ride each week. $225 per month. This would be good for families who want to ride together  or extremely motivated  overachievers , or people with multiple horses that they need to keep going all winter.

Rides will be rescheduled for weather  related unpleasantness.

The Rules:

1. You are responsible for your horse(s) at all times when they are on the grounds. You are responsible for cleaning up after your horse(s) on the grounds. If it’s your mess take it with you! I have to pay a large cleaning deposit every week  and to get it back, the grounds must be spotless when we leave.

2. Everyone must sign a Release Waiver  and wear  an ASTM approved Brain Bucket at all times while mounted.  My instructor’s insurance now insists on this point and let’s face it- preserving your hairstyle really isn’t worth brain damage!

3. If you know your horse is likely to kick or object violently to another horse close to it (they do get much better once they're used to riding in formation), you must clip a Red Bow of Shame in its tail so other riders know to give you more space and be prepared to discipline your horse for the behavior.

4. All riders should be capable of riding their horses in reasonably good control in the walk trot and canter (lope) or for our gaited friends- at all speeds… we won't be doing a ton of canter work at first so don't panic! If your horse is poky or naughty carry a whip or wear  spurs and be prepared to use them,  they’re tools not fashion accessories. :P

5. THERE WILL BE FREE DONUTS! This fact alone should make participation worthwhile…;)



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