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Moving Better Together

Quotes Elizabeth Irvine is hands down the greatest instructor I have ever had. Not only does she know what she's teaching, she knows how to teach it so that you can actually learn. She is kind and patient and has never made me feel bad for all my little 'issues' with riding. She is beyond encouraging. She truly understands. The East Coast's loss is the Pacific Northwest's gain. She is a very special person and is missed greatly. Quotes
Evy Weaver
Owner and Adult Amateur student

Quotes Elizabeth is one of the single hardest working people I've met in her line of business and in any line of business for that matter...Experienced rider or not any person could recognize the drastic improvement in each horse's performance and improved abilities. She's honest in her delivery of critique and gives very detailed feedback positive or for points of improvement. Quotes
Logan Terkelsen

Quotes "I rode with Elizabeth when she was in Maryland. I had a ball taking lessons with her. She is pragmatic, funny and very centered in her approach to teaching. As a student you feel like Elizabeth is putting herself in your shoes (boots) and advising you accordingly. She has a wonderful feel for cause and effect with respect to the horse and rider...or rider and horse. She takes her teaching very seriously" Quotes
Bobbin Kreider
Adult Amateur dressage student

Quotes Elizabeth is a excellent communicator with riders of all ages and experience levels and is able to explain the abstract concepts of dressage in creative and easy to understand explanations and images. I began riding with Elizabeth at 12 years old and she provided me with a strong dressage foundation and how to correctly train dressage horses. Quotes
Meredith Baker
Mt Holyoke Collegiate Equestrian Team member